It’s midterm season, and the campus should be in a foul mood. Yet something seems to have lifted the students’ spirits. It could be the Indian Summer weather, the newest edition of The Academy or Prime Time Tuesday at the New South Cafeteria. But after talking with some other Hoyas, I’m ready to propose something else: The mood at Georgetown is inversely proportional to the success of the Washington Redskins. 1998 has been a historically miserable year for the proud Redskins franchise. An inept offense has been matched with an inept defense and inept special teams to help Washington off to an 0-6 start, its worst in nearly 40 years. And with a schedule that still boasts the Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowoboys, little hope remains for the Redskins to do anything more than do their best for the No. 2 pick in the NFL Draft (Cleveland’s expansion franchise has the top pick). At Georgetown, you’ll find out quickly, everyone is overjoyed by these prospects. It’s not the open-champagne-and-celebrate overjoyed or the I-just-got-an-A overjoyed, but instead the “Finally! That’ll-show-`em” overjoyed. Now, part of the anti-Redskins sentiment comes from Georgetown’s demographics – a large percentage of Hoyas are from Pennsylvania/New Jersey/New York most likely making them fans of the Philadelphia Eagles or New York Giants, rivals of the Redskins in the NFC Eastern Division. But this distaste for the Redskins is deeper than a mere regional rivalry. It starts early and grows as the Georgetown student ages, no matter where he is from. As a freshman, when Joe Hoya first lands on the Hilltop and turns on D.C. television for the first time, all he sees is a barrage Redskins information. Ass-kissing Redskins pregame shows. Ass-kissing Redskins features on the news. Ass-kissing football prediction shows where none of the guests dares bet against Washington. Opening the newspaper for refuge, Joe Hoya finds little help. Endless information about the Redskins engulfs comparatively meager national coverage, while columnists continue to kiss up the team, win or lose (or draw, if the Redskins are facing the Giants). If you’re uninterested in the welfare of the Redskins, the overcoverage begins to wear early on. So as the Redskins suffer through this season, it’s only natural for Joe Hoya to have the reaction he is having. And, as stated earlier, the Redskins’ woes seem to be having a therapeutic effect for Georgetown students during midterm season. So if you need a pick-up in the next few weeks, something to share a laugh about, just ask a buddy, “How `bout those Redskins?

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