Because fall shows are well on their way, I thought now would be a good time to rank the top five dramas currently on TV.
1. ‘Dexter’
I have written about this unconventional show recently, but as the weeks progress and the plot becomes more complex and intriguing — which I didn’t think could be possible — my obsession continues to grow. Now more than halfway into Season 7, our lovable vigilante finds himself surrounded by, or in the center of, conflict in both his personal and professional lives. The generally inconspicuous serial killer is attracting unwelcome attention, and the path this show will take is bound to make excellent television.
2. ‘Sons of Anarchy’
This show about a biker gang in California is one I never expected to be that interested in. Beneath the constant curses and bloody bouts — and very dark humor — is a story about loyalty in both friendship and family, which plays on the well-developed characters and their relationships. Now with a change in power dynamics and a number of tough decisions to be made, the gang promises to deliver yet another exciting season.
3. ‘The Walking Dead’
Although gruesome, “The Walking Dead” addresses a variety of familiar problems within this dysfunctional society. Although violence and blood are an undeniably a big part of the show, the appeal of the plot stems from the surprisingly quotidian conflicts within the characters’ relationships. This dose of reality and a zombie-filled world of fantasy combine to form an entertaining show that blends two seemingly contrasting elements perfectly.
4. ‘Game of Thrones’
This book series has been successfully transferred to the small screen, where its popularity has grown both with its target audience and the critics. The story, set in a fantastical yet quasi-realistic world, focuses on the struggles caused by the multitude of claims to the Iron Throne that rules the Seven Kingdoms. The plot focuses on many characters that are connected even if they haven’t yet interacted due to their geographical distance. This scattered way of telling the story makes the show more fascinating and heightens the sense of suspense, because an encounter between characters is inevitable but unpredictable.
5. ‘Homeland’
The winner of this year’s primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series has entered its second season, and it looks to maintain its momentum after its debut. This show is about the frighteningly obscure part of our lives that is homeland security, and it continuously toys with our emotions by encouraging us to wonder whether more terrorism could actually happen. Beyond the plot, the characters are very well developed and provide appealing subplots through their relationships and internal conflicts. Although the first season truly was fantastic, I have “Homeland” ranked here at number five because it still has a lot to prove, and so far, its second season does not seem as promising as the first.
Another show that probably should be on this list is “Mad Men,” but because I am over a season behind, I felt it would not be fair to include it on this list. This is the list I came up with based on my preferences and the shows I watch, and I am curious as to what your lists would be because I am always looking for new shows to watch. I hope this one helps do just that, and I encourage you to at least give these a try if you haven’t already.


Eduardo Gueiros is a junior in the College. His column BEHIND THE SCREENS appears every other Friday in the guide.

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