To the Editor:

This GUSA election presents us with a simple question.

Will we come together to address the issues that impact our lives?

The Rajan-Wright ticket isn’t about getting two people elected. It is a coming together of many students who have taken on the issues affecting this university, from changing the alcohol policy, to addressing sexual assault on campus, to addressing campus community, to turning cool ideas such as Grab-and-Go lunches a reality.

We believe this election can be when a time when students come together to say that we can make the changes that need to happen. This election is about vision, not criticism, ideas, not catch phrases and results, not rhetoric.

We need to confront a broken housing policy, have a voice in determining dining hall contracts next year, find a balance between convenience and safety with the lockdown policy and defend an alcohol policy that treats students like adults.

But most importantly, we have to make sure that for the years ahead, we have a new system of student government that works. So that, in years to come, we and the students who will come after us can work with administrators to address the issues that future generations of Hoyas will face.

We owe it to ourselves and each other to come together to make this happen.

Tomorrow, vote Pravin Rajan (SFS ’07) and Nate Wright (COL ’06).

Rashad Jones (SFS ’06) Twister Murchison (SFS ’08) Eamonn Carr (COL ’06) Nathan Fabian (SFS ’08) Amanda Gant (SFS ’07) Jon Deutsch (COL ’07)

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