For those who have attended a few of the Georgetown women’s soccer games this fall, they’ve witnessed occasional moments of brilliance, despite the team’s 4-7-1 overall record (1-7-1 in the Big East). There is the consistent strong play in the first 45 minutes of every game, and there is the stellar goaltending of senior Abbie George and freshman Shereena Chang. But every time Barbara Torres, a freshman from southern Texas, steps onto the pitch, her overpowering performance surpasses that of the previous game. Torres, wearing the No. 3 jersey, has become one of the greatest offensive threats in the competitive Big East with her exceptional combination of speed and ball skills. She has also proven that she can find the net, with a team leading six goals. Torres’s game-winning goal [against Loyola on Fri., Oct. 9](, was one of the prettiest and most significant goals of the season for the Hoyas. After maneuvering by a Greyhound defender, she fired a laser from the corner of the penalty box into the far corner of the net, providing her squad with the 1-0 lead that would carry them to the final whistle. Such an accomplishment has become commonplace for the forward in her first year. With this dominant beginning of her college career, it is apparent that Torres’s transition from high school to college has not been an obstacle for the front-runner. The greatest difference between the two levels, she comments, has been the speed of the game. “Everything goes a lot faster in college,” she said. Torres is one of the best soccer products of the Rio Grande Valley in recent history. A graduate of Nikki Rowe H.S., she was a two-time high school MVP, and she received All- Area and All-District honors. She currently holds the Rio Grande Valley Area record for most high career goals, with 47. Torres also played at the state level of the Olympic Development Program. After playing 12 games at the college level, Torres has gained a tremendous amount of recognition from outside coaches, players and fans. She has been carefully defended in every match, and is often a target for unnecessary fouls and takedowns. However, while receiving this attention, Torres appears to be very comfortable. “I’m not the kind of person who lets things get to my head,” she commented. Head Coach Leonel Popol, has expressed pride and content for Torres’s play thus far in the season. “She’s beginning to become more aware of her teammates, and when she involves everyone she gets assists and we score goals,” he said. Torres has accumulated three assists on the season, bringing her point total to a team-high 15. Torres’s exceptional speed is the result of a track and field history, which she plans to continue at Georgetown. Since she began running track in seventh grade, she has established a second Rio Grande Valley Area record in the mile run, with a time of 5:16. Popol is aware of Torres’s strengths, and he intends to improve them over the next three years, saying, “I’ve had a number of opposing coaches approach me and ask, `Where did you get her?’ or they comment on how fast she is. I tell them, `Yes, she’s good – and you know what? She is going to get even better.” The Hoyas and Torres will face Boston College on Harbin Field at 1:00 on Sunday.

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