With final exams quickly approaching, the LXR Community Council and the Georgetown Gastronomes have made plans to transform Alumni Square into a stress-free zone filled with puppies and slushies.

First implemented at the University of California at San Diego, Tufts University, and Yale University, “puppy love” is a proven de-stressing tactic. Research by the National Institutes of Health shows that interaction with dogs improves mental, social, and physiological health as well as lowers blood pressure.

Playfully designated “Slush Puppies,” Georgetown’s version of this stress-relief program will mirror earlier college initiatives. Set for April 28, the event offers participants a chance to play with 15 dogs and will also offer free slushies from the Gastronomes, an on-campus group that promotes healthy food choices. The dogs will be provided by the non-profit organization People Animals Love, which also supplies pups to area hospitals and convalescent homes.

“It is going to be a great community development initiative, but also an avenue to show that the community council can do more,” the event’s coordinator Dalvin Butler (COL’13) said, adding that he hopes the program will draw students over to east campus.

The program will take place in Alumni Square and is open to all students.

Katie DuBois (COL ’15) said she is looking forward to participating.

“I don’t think any amount of slushies or puppies will take the stress away from finals, but it sounds great,” she said.

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