D.C.’s Metro is hailed for its simplicity and relative cleanliness. Even though Georgetown doesn’t have its own stop, odds are you’ll frequent the three stops closest to us:Dupont Circle on the Red line, and Foggy Bottom-GWUand Rosslyn, both on the Orange and Blue lines. Cost of a ride runs from $1.35 to $1.85 depending on distance and time of day. The Metro runs until 12 a.m all days except Friday and Saturday, when it’s open until 3 a.m. (Be warned: Late night trains are unreliable.)

Farecards can be used for multiple trips but we recommend that you purchase a SmarTrip card for $5 since they won’t demagnetize, which thefarecards tend to do. Not to mention, you’ll get a 25 cent discount and can deactivate your account if you lose track of this convenient card. SmarTrips can also be used for all buses except the Georgetown Metro Connection and can be purchased online at or at Metro stations and CVS. Also handy is the downloadable Metrorail map for your iPod, available at

You can walk to the Metro or take the free Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle (GUTS) service, which runs from across Epicurean & Co. for Dupont Circle and by the tennis courts forRosslyn. The Rosslyn GUTS also stops in front of Car Barn. GUTS buses run every 20 minutes until 11 p.m. on weekdays but only hourly on weekends. Don’t forget your GOCard in case the conductor cracks down on ID checks.


Other buses include the Georgetown Metro Connection, known as the “Blue Bus.” Shuttles run every 10 minutes between Rosslyn and Dupont, with stops all along M Street. These buses operate later than most, shutting down at 12 a.m. during the week and at 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Each ride will cost you $1.50. If the above options don’t get you where you want to go, Metrobus certainly will with its wide coverage. Georgetown relevant lines include the G2 route which picks up at the Healy Gates every 20 minutes and runs to Dupont Circle for $1.35 a ride ($1.25 with SmarTrip). If you’re trying to get to Dupont from Burleith, take the D2 and D6 lines . The 38B line is a lesser-known bus that runs from along M Street to the Rosslyn Metro stop.

The D.C Circulator is yet another bus service running every 10 minutes from 7 a.m to 9 p.m with its closest campus stops picking up at the intersections of both N and O streets and Wisconsin. The red line runs north and south along 7th and 9th Streets from the Convention Center to the Southwest Waterfront, the pink line loops around the National Mall, and the orange line runs along K Street from Georgetown to Union Station. It’s the cheapest at $1, but its numerous stops are both a blessing and a curse, cutting back on walking time but often boosting overall travel time.


While ideally Washington’s shuttles, buses and Metro will take you wherever you need to go, sometimes you must resort to a taxi. You’ll pay a $3 fixed rate plus 25 cents for every onesixth of a mile traveled after the first sixth. Other costs include $1.50 for additional passengers and various fees for calling a dispatcher, stopping or luggage. Cabs circle around campus regularly but it is smart to call if you know you’ll need one ahead of time. Yellow Cab D.C. can be reached at 202.544.1212.

Schlepping it to the Airport

Trekking to the airport on time can be a harder task than you think, especially in a post-finals haze. For a cab to Reagan National Airport, you’ll pay about $20; to Dulles International Airport, a hefty $50. Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) and Dulles can also be reached via SuperShuttle for $27 to $35 for the first person and $10 for each additional passenger. Without a taxi, you can reach BWI via Marc or Amtrak train for $6 to $12 dollars from Union Station. For Dulles, you can also take the 5Ametrobus, although it’s a long ride. For Reagan, take the Blue line from Rosslyn.

The number and diversity of transportation options around the city may at first glance seem daunting, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll enjoy showing off your savvy. The sooner you start learning the ropes, the easier it will be to take advantage of what the city has to offer.

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