Counterpoint magazine — a publication that tackles political and cultural issues from a progressive standpoint — became Georgetown’s newest student publication Friday.

Eric Pilch (COL ’12), Kara Brandeisky (COL ’12) and Cole Stangler (SFS ’13) said that they designed Counterpoint to challenge readers to seek social transformation. The magazine is funded by a grant from the Center for American Progress.

“We have all had previous experience writing,” Pilch said. “What is different about Counterpoint is that now we are focusing on breaking out of the limits and conditions on time and space.”

The editors said the format of the magazine differs widely from other campus publications and encourages readers to pay attention to the world outside the gates. Counterpoint showcases long-form pieces and includes one feature-length story each issue.

Brandeisky said that the idea for the project began with a longstanding desire for a news source that would publish longer and more in-depth commentary.

But the actual creation of the magazine came quite suddenly.

“The boys called me at 1 a.m. and told me to meet them at the business school,” Brandeisky said. “‘We have an idea,’ they said. I was hooked.”

Brandeisky said the work they have put in so far has been rewarding.

“Counterpoint has given us an opportunity to express thoughts at length, to focus on conceptual development and to improve the quality of our work,” she said.

In their mission statement, the editors write that they hope to provide a forum for new ideas and reforms. Stangler said that the target audience for the magazine is the politically inclined section of the student body.

“Positive change in American history has been brought about by those who are unafraid to challenge the prevailing status quo,” the statement reads.

The editors aim to publish two issues this semester. The first issue is currently available online at, and editors said they hope the print version will be available soon. A second issue is expected in late April. The editors have also created a blog, which they plan to update on a daily basis.

So far, the staff of the magazine has been limited to the founders and about 12 other members, but the editors said they hoped that they will be able to raise awareness and recruit more members when the first issue appears Friday. The staff will distribute about 700 copies to locations in Healy Hall, the Leavey Center, the Rafik B. Hariri Building, Lauinger Library, and the Intercultural Center.

The publication is also planning a launch event sometime in the next two weeks featuring The Nation’s Washington D.C. Editor Chris Hayes and  Matt Yglesias, a fellow at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.  The planned panel discussion is titled “Advancing the Progressive Vision,” which will include  perspectives on the Obama administration and the new Congress from a diverse group of professional journalists.

“The foundation of almost all our articles has been discussion among the team members,” Brandeisky said. “We plan to stay true to our mission statement, while inviting others to participate in the reflection.”

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