Peter Prindiville, who is running to represent district 8 on ANC 2E, shakes hands with Chair Ron Lewis after being introduced Wednesday.
Peter Prindiville, who is running to represent district 8 on ANC 2E, shakes hands with Chair Ron Lewis after being introduced Wednesday.

Peter Prindiville (SFS ’14), who is running uncontested for a seat on Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, was officially introduced at the organization’s monthly meeting Wednesday.

Prindiville is on the ballot to represent single member district 2E 08, which comprises Nevils, Alumni Square, Copley Hall, Harbin Hall, Village C East and Henle Village, as well as the two square blocks between 36th and 37th Streets, between Prospect and O Streets.

Although he is running in an SMD mostly inhabited by university students, he stressed at the meeting that he aims to work for the benefit of the entire community.

“I believe that we should work to make our neighborhood better for all residents, regardless of their age or zip code,” he said at the meeting. “I see my campaign not as a referendum on the university … although many want it to be one. I come rather … with a resolve to work together to make Georgetown better for all.”

Prindiville said that his recent discussions with residents in his district have revealed that there is an appetite for dialogue and political engagement at the local level.

“I have been struck by the desire of [voters] to have a voice in local discussion, a voice many of them feel they have never had,” Prindiville said. “I believe that a consistent engagement of residents will bring their ideas and views into our local political process. It is through dialogue and mutual respect that we reach solutions to common issues.”

Prindiville also identified living conditions in Georgetown student rental properties as a concern that the ANC should address, citing the situation of a student living at the corner of Prospect Street and Bank Alley.

“In addition to severe problems with leaking pipes in his basement bedroom, he was concerned that he could not get out of his house in case of a fire,” Prindiville said of the student. “I think we can all agree that subpar living conditions anywhere are a detriment to the well-being of our community.”

ANC 2E Chair Ron Lewis also spoke at the meeting and addressed the issue of Comcast telecom boxes in public spaces that have been installed on sidewalks without the permission of residents. Installations have reportedly left behind bricks and debris that residents find obtrusive.

“So far, Comcast has not responded to emails,” Lewis said.

Commissioner Tom Birch lamented the detrimental effect of these installations on the neighborhood and the preservation of public spaces.

“Let’s talk about property values, for one thing, in addition to the historical value,” Birch said.

Crime was also on the agenda at the meeting. In the wake of the fatal shooting of Tyronn Garner last Oct. 31 on the 2800 block of M Street, Commissioner Ed Solomon urged residents and business owners to take precautions this Halloween.

“A lot of, I guess we call them ‘bad guys,’ are out there, so please be careful,” Solomon said.

Compared with last year, this Halloween was relatively quiet for Georgetown. The only crime reported in the area last night was a juvenile robbery at 29th and N Streets around 10:30 p.m., according to the Metropolitan Police Department’s Twitter feed.

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