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First seen on Monday afternoon outside of the Leavey Center, the apparent Nazi SS symbol is the fourth recent act of campus vandalism.

Following three recent incidents of vandalism on campus, a small silver cross with a symbol resembling the Nazi SS logo overlaying it appeared on an exterior wall of the Leavey Center sometime before Monday afternoon.

As of last night, the graffiti was still visible. It depicts a silver cross with a jagged, nearly-vertical “s” on either side, closely matching a symbol for the Nazi SS, or Schutzstaffel, paramilitary during World War II. The symbol is painted on a north-facing brick wall of Leavey, underneath the large, cement stairs which lead up to the student center.

According to an entry in the Department of Public Safety’s blotter, which is sent to The Hoya weekly for publication, DPS received a report concerning graffiti on one of the Leavey Center’s brick walls at 6:08 p.m. on Monday. When asked for comment, Sgt. Joseph Smith, crime prevention coordinator for DPS, said that he could not comment on the nature of the graffiti because an investigation is ongoing.

As of 1:30 a.m. on Friday, no e-mail or Public Safety Announcement had been sent out to students regarding the incident. University spokesperson Julie Bataille said that she was not aware of the incident.

Julia Shindel (COL ’10) noticed the symbol on Monday and alerted several people on campus. Since then, a campus-wide group has formed to address the situation. The group, which includes members of the Catholic Daughters, the Black Student Alliance, Georgetown Solidarity Committee, along with Shindel, met yesterday to discuss the situation, Shindel said.

In an official statement signed simply “Georgetown Students,” the group announced that they will be holding a “Day of Unity” event which will take place in Red Square on Monday.

“We might all have our differences at Georgetown, but none of us tolerate hate,” the statement read. “A few days ago, a Nazi SS party symbol and cross were discovered on the side wall of the Leavey Center, and we students, representing all identities and groups, have a response: We hear your free speech, but no thanks.”

The rally will consist of two large sheets in Red Square one entitled “love” and the other “hate,” on which students are encouraged to write and paint their feelings. Shindel added that free hugs will also be available.

“It’s going to be instead of like a negative response, a positive one, of promoting love and to show that there is no tolerance for hate on this campus,” Shindel said.

This most recent graffiti follows three incidents of paint found on the statues of the Blessed Mother on Copley Lawn and on the statue of Jan Karski, which sits outside of White Gravenor Hall.

According to the DPS blotter, an investigation is being conducted by the DPS Office of Investigations and no suspects or witnesses have yet been identified.

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