The Office of Student Affairs has announced that Sergeant Ray Danieli of the Metropolitan Police Department will become coordinator of off-campus student life.

Danieli, who retires from his current position in the Policing for Prevention Office on Nov. 13, will begin his service at Georgetown on Nov. 15.

After working closely with the Georgetown community in programs including Partnerships for Problem Solving and a task force on underage drinking, Danieli said that he feels well prepared for playing an active role in the Office of Student Affairs.

“I took the job because it [will give] me a chance to work with young people and community members I already know,” he said.

Danieli said he also plans to build a foundation of trust and develop relationships with numerous students and community members.

In keeping with the philosophy of the Office of Off-Campus Student Life, Danieli will actively educate students living off-campus about their responsibilities to the community and serve as a liaison between the students and the university. The former police officer will also reproach students who violate the off-campus student code of conduct.

“As a 34-year veteran of the police department, Ray brings a great deal of community experience and expertise that will be helpful,” Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson said.

Danieli, who formerly served in the second and sixth police districts in Washington, D.C., will work closely with Chuck VanSant, director of off-campus student life.

Instrumental in the inception of a task force on underage drinking in Police Service Area 206, the precinct that includes the Georgetown community, Danieli worked with community members to successfully reduce the amount of alcohol-related student arrests in the neighborhood.

The task force, formed in early February by the Citizens Association of Georgetown, various agency representatives and MPD, targeted certain problem houses in close proximity to the university that frequently came up in resident complaints to MPD. It also encouraged students to respect their neighbors.

“Based on his past experience, Ray will be a natural bridge between the police and the Georgetown community,” Ray Kukluski, former president of the Citizens Association of Georgetown, said.

Danieli replaces Scott Minto (SFS ’02), who served as interim coordinator of off-campus student life and worked with VanSant after graduating from Georgetown.

In 2002 Danieli was one of five city employees to win the mayor’s customer service award. He was nominated this year for the Morris Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Award for Distinguished D.C. Government Employees. He has also received numerous service and achievement medals from MPD for his dedicated service to both the department and the community.

The Office of Off-Campus Student Life was formed in 1990 to serve as a resource to students and neighbors, educate students about their responsibilities as members of the community, and work with neighbors to address concerns about student conduct.

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