Students will have to travel two blocks farther next year in their customary weekend-night quest to get their hands on a slice of Philly pizza with ranch dressing.

In about six weeks, Philadelphia Pizza Company will open a new location at 1211 Potomac St., two blocks farther from the university. The current location, at 1201 34th St., will stay open for another year due to leasing contracts.

The new location will include a seating area for lunch and dinner customers and a fully extended window in the front.

att Kocak, owner and manager of Philadelphia Pizza, said he thinks the restaurant can be more successful in the new location.

“[The current] location is good for late nights, but we are extending. We are trying to focus on more lunch and dinner customers,” he said.

Regular customers have no need to worry, however, as Kocak said the traditional late-night slice would still be there for hungry students.

“I’m expecting [students to continue to come late at night], because it’s not that much further away,” he said, explaining that the new location is closer to late-night haunts such as Third Edition and Rhino Bar.

He added that to students, Philly Pizza is already established as a Georgetown institution. “The people are looking for the pizza, people are going to come,” he said. “People know us.”

The new site will be on the same street as other Georgetown favorites: It will be next door to Georgetown Cupcake and across the street from Quick Pita.

Sophie LaMontagne, co-owner of Georgetown Cupcake, said she thinks the move will make the street more popular.

“We have our customers already. We’ve had a great reception, but [the move] will attract more students,” she said. “His business is attractive to students, but I think it’s a win-win for everyone. Once they open up, I’ll know for sure.”

Several students said they would still frequent Philly Pizza even after the move, but they also said they thought the new site would increase the store’s deliveries.

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