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Fr. James Schall’s, S.J., commitment to providing his students with an unparalleled learning experience is well documented, but his approachability and dedication to knowing his students personally are far underemphasized. Every day before class, Fr. Schall stands outside of his classroom in White Gravenor to hold casual conversation with early-arriving students, which I tried to be whenever possible while in his class. Some might be surprised to know that, in addition to his thorough knowledge of Plato’s works, Fr. Schall is equally comfortable in discussing football, baseball and many other such ordinary topics.

Although I certainly remember well the material covered and insights gained in class with Fr. Schall, the time my classmates and I spent talking with him before class was equally memorable as well. During his tenure here, Fr. Schall asked of us, his students, that we be “eminently teachable.” In return for our attempts to be as such, Fr. Schall gave to generations of Georgetown students unique concern for both our academic and personal growth, and for that, I am grateful, as are many who came before as well.

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