Two students reported burglaries in their LXR Hall rooms the day after an alleged armed sexual assault in the same building prompted the university to promise increased East Campus security.

A student, who was granted anonymity because of the nature of the incident, reported that she was awakened by an unidentified male lying in her bed at around 5:30 a.m. A public safety alert sent to the Georgetown community Sunday afternoon said that the suspect repeated “Gabby” and then ran from the room. The student declined to comment on details of the incident.

“I was startled. He left the room and I followed him,” said the complainant. “I knocked on my RA’s door yelling, `Help, help,’ but she wasn’t there.”

The complainant then reported the incident to the Securitas Services USA, Inc. officer at the LXR lobby desk, who saw the perpetrator run out of the building minutes before. The guard told her that earlier in the night, a Securitas officer escorted the man out of Walsh after the man forcefully tried to enter the LXR/Nevils courtyard.

“The security guard saw this guy try to enter LXR earlier in the [Walsh] entrance, he saw me looking frightened in my pajamas [after I chased him to the lobby], and the security guard did nothing,” the student said.

The complainant said she was particularly distressed that the man was able to enter into LXR after his confrontation with Securitas in Walsh. “Had they kept an eye on him as he was ushered out of Walsh, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to enter into LXR,” she said. “They had a face-to-face physical encounter with him, telling him to vacate Walsh, and 10 minutes later, he was in my room.”

The complainant said she was particularly disturbed that the incident occurred at a time when the university was promising heightened security and when an armed man was able to enter the building the day before. “I really find it appalling, it was almost farcical that a violation of LXR integrity would occur two nights in a row,” she said.

She described the male as a Middle Eastern male between 5-foot-10-inches and 6 feet tall.

The Metropolitan Police Department responded to both incidents.

Approximately 15 minutes before the student found the perpetrator in her bed, another resident of LXR reported that a man entered his room and was “observed crawling on the floor,” the public safety alert said. The perpetrator fled the room after being spotted by the complainant.

Neither complainant reported sustaining any injuries due to the burglaries, the alert said, and no items were taken.

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