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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Georgia Delayed My Absentee Ballot. So I Went Back Home to Vote

Like most Americans, I learned during the 2016 presidential election that elections have consequences. Though I myself voted in the election, many of my friends chose to abstain due to frustration with both major candidates. Since that election, the importance of voting as a means of effecting change has become[Read More…]

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Live: Election Day 2018

Live: Election Day 2018

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HANNAH LEVINE/ THE HOYA Georgetown University will promote its on-campus weapons ban by displaying 21 regulatory signs on campus grounds over the next few months.

GU to Promote On-Campus Weapons Ban With Regulatory Signs

Georgetown University is set to post 21 signs around campus that will advertise the university’s explicit ban of weapons, including licensed handguns, on university grounds, approved at a Nov. 1 Old Georgetown Board meeting. The regulatory signs received approval from the OGB, a council of architects appointed by the U.S.[Read More…]

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Waterfront Guapo’s Lacks Charm, But Food Satisfies

High on a hill in Tenleytown, about 3½ miles north of Georgetown on Wisconsin Avenue, sits the restaurant Guapo’s, where cheesy enchiladas and fajitas sizzle so intensely that their distinct smell stays on clothes after leaving the restaurant, and limitless baskets of chips attract crowds of American University Park residents[Read More…]

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Shanika Hopson

DC Jazz Landscape Adapts to Evolving Challenges

Despite being a fixture of Washington, D.C.’s rich and multifaceted history of jazz for almost a century, the Bohemian Caverns finally shut down in the face of financial struggle that had plagued the establishment for decades. Once a hub for jazz legends in the 20th century like Billie Holiday, Louis[Read More…]

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Photos of the Week: Nov. 2

The photos of the week for Nov. 2 include Patrick Ewing (CAS ’85) previewing the upcoming basketball season at media day; sophomore guard Jamorko Pickett expressing confidence in the team; DAR Constitution Hall as Washington, D.C., shifts into fall; senior libero Kenzie Higareda screaming in pride; and senior midfielder Katie[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Church Crisis Demands Introspection

In its efforts to confront the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, Georgetown University has fallen dramatically short by failing to look inward. Georgetown has thus far neglected to take substantive action concerning its relationship to the scandal, failing to acknowledge the crisis’ effects on the university community or revoke[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Preserve Support for GU Women

Amid bad-faith and ignorant attacks from an organization dead set on protecting male privilege, Georgetown University must continue to promote the achievement and success of women. Women face societal discrimination both within and beyond Georgetown’s front gates. To help combat this bias, the university supports an array of programs focused[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Study Roots of Synagogue Attack

Our parents were married here. Our friends became bar and bat mitzvah here. On Saturday, 11 of our neighbors were killed here. On Oct. 27, an antisemitic gunman gunned down 11 innocent people in the Tree of Life Synagogue in our hometown of Pittsburgh. Seventy years after the genocide of[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Vote Against Suppression

The 2018 midterm elections will likely be among the most important in recent history, as Democrats seek to subdue a president they believe to be destructive and the Republican Party remains ardent in protecting President Donald Trump’s agenda by maintaining control of both houses of the legislative branch. This election[Read More…]

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