It’s the first week of school, and the near-pristine, construction-free campus is scattered with dumpsters full of trash. We just got here, and already the amount of garbage is so high that I almost want to ask myself if some people came to school with garbage instead of the traditional college carload.

Outside my lovely Darnall window is a clear view of an overflowing dumpster. As I admire my award winning location, I wonder to myself, “what exactly are people throwing out? It’s been three days!” Tough to ignore, the dumpster I discover is actually full of so-called garbage that is, believe it or not, practically brand new. And while I was previously grumbling about my low lottery pick I should be grateful that I am near the prized dumpster full of buried treasure.

My roommate and I set up our room, and figuring out the best storage system, we realized we were a few plastic storage bins short of dormitory organization perfection. Crafty as she is, my roommate decided we should take a peek into the blue metal gold mine. Resting on top was exactly what we needed, a clear plastic bin, clean, and in good condition. It even smelled good. Honestly, what kind of garbage is that? We claimed our loot like pirates on a raid.

While dumpster diving might be a little extreme, there is still plenty of awesome dorm decorating potential in the nearby hall garbage cans. Accidentally, my roommate and I spotted an awesome poster just sitting in a Darnall trash can. “Should we take it?” she asked me. It wasn’t exactly stealing, but it was kind of weird. I thought for a second, and then I laughed, “Yeah, it’s ours!” Our room is now one poster and storage bin closer to being the thriftiest pad on campus.

These past couple of days I’ve noticed that everyone totes a Target bag like it’s some new kind of style. But what are we buying? Storage containers to put in the dumpsters? New posters that will just end up in the garbage? While I do appreciate the awesome free goodies, I think the Georgetown student body should practice a little patience before the all-out dormitory shopping sprees.

Plan exactly what you need and what you have space for in your room and then wait at least a week, because chances are good that you can live without something that costs $3.99 at Target. Do you really need 12 matching wicker CD holders? Can you live without the 14th Tupperware that will secure your entire matching collection? I think we can all make a few spending sacrifices. Because if we don’t, it’s all going to end up in my room.

And the rooms in Darnall aren’t that big after all.

Frances Piccone is a sophomore in the McDonough School of Business.

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