One Game Worth Watching

By Sean P. Flynn Hoya Staff Writer

If you’re not from around this part of the country, it’s easy to dismiss lacrosse. For one, the sport, at least at peak level, is almost exclusively played east of the Appalachians and north of the Carolinas. The game itself can be a little difficult to understand, with substitutions and off-sides rules that may seem baffling at first.

But take it from someone who never saw a lacrosse game until a year ago – it’s a sport worth watching. It’s faster than soccer, easier to watch than hockey and has an offense that’s similar to basketball. There’s almost as much hitting as in a hockey game and there is far more scoring

And if you’ve never seen a game, this is the weekend to do it. The Georgetown men’s lacrosse team, ranked No. 6 in the nation, takes on No. 2 Duke Saturday at 1 p.m., in a match-up even better than the Georgetown-Duke matchup Hoya basketball fans can only dream of.

The Hoyas have earned that high ranking with four impressive, early-season wins. Their experienced attack, which includes preseason Senior All-American Greg McCavera, is among the country’s best. Seniors McCavera and Scott Urick and junior Andy Flick have scored 37 goals among themselves, more than half of the whole team’s goals.

While the offense is scoring, the defense has been stellar behind senior goalie Brian Hole. Hole has proved himself one of the nation’s best netminders, making impressive saves and stopping any runs the opponents have tried to make.

The Hoyas also play a hard-hitting, physical style, something that will be put to task when Duke, one of the most physical teams in the country, comes to Harbin Field. The Blue Devils, with a roster chock full of veterans and size, have breezed to a 6-0 record.

They will be the first major test of this season for the Hoyas, who have played no one better than No. 9 Maryland-Baltimore County. Similarly, though, besides a win over then-No. 7 Maryland, Duke hasn’t played a strong early schedule either.

So the intensity will be high for these two physical teams, as will the stakes. While it’s early in the season, the two teams are jockeying for position in May’s NCAA Tournament.

Getting people to games for any sport, for some reason, is always a tough task at Georgetown, especially after a Friday night. But this time, set the alarm for 12:45, and make the short walk down the hill to Harbin Field. Because this one should be worth it.


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