Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson reminded students of university policies regarding off-campus life and announced efforts to improve student social life in a campus-wide email Tuesday night.

Among these initiatives are a free shuttle service to Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan beginning March 15 and a Georgetown Day keg party in O’Donovan Hall for students over 21 years old. Olson also highlighted programming by the Georgetown Program Board, such as the spring concert.

Olson stressed the reciprocity of the relationship between students and Georgetown residents.

“As members of the university community, we simply cannot behave in ways that disrupt life for our neighbors,” he wrote. “If you think of every house you walk by as the place where your parents or grandparents are sleeping, that will be a helpful guide.”

Olson also emphasized the severe consequences of off-campus noise violations, which are categorized as disorderly conduct after 10 p.m. in the District of Columbia.

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