By Joe Musmuci Special To The Hoya

Litter around campus is discouraged in general. At least that’s the impression that I have been under for the past year and a half. However, if you take that litter and tape it to a wall or the side of a building, then apparently there’s no problem.

Whether it’s a worthwhile cause, an event where everyone on campus is “invited” or someone is running for some sort of contrived position, people feel the need to cover any semblance of space on campus with fliers and posters. While this is a pet peeve of mine, I understand it’s occasionally necessary in order to disseminate information in a campus setting. However, I believe that it goes beyond personal annoyance when the signs remain as hideous marks on campus for weeks, months or even years to come.

I sincerely doubt that I am the only person on campus who thinks that one demonstrates “common sense” by removing one’s signs after an event has concluded. Yet I still saw fliers advertising the first step in the “Common Sense” grand scheme for world domination taped to Reiss and along the stairs down to the cafeteria when I returned to campus this semester.

Somewhere around first grade I was taught to clean up after myself. I only assumed that it was a standard lesson.

Sadly, this nasty and ugly habit does not seem to be confined to students alone. Perhaps the most repulsive example of this blatant disregard regard for cleaning up after ourselves can be found in one of the locked display cases on the third floor of Walsh. There one may peruse a pamphlet with information about the study abroad program in Greece. The study abroad program in 1984 that is. I have a hunch that the Office of International Programs has information that is just a bit more recent.

I am not proposing anything radical here. But what I am suggesting is that we go back to our first grade roots and clean up after ourselves.

If you plaster signs all over campus, good for you. Just take them down once the cause, event or election has passed, please.

Not everyone who utilizes the flier medium is guilty of such criminal eyesores. It has been my experience that when people put up signs for the weekly Program Board movie, they also remove the old sign. Or at the very least, they cover it with the new one so I don’t have to look at it.

I can only hope that the Student Leadership Reform Group candidates will heed my advice. I am especially anxious to see those particular signs be removed, if for no other reason than the safety of the future SLRG.

It would only take one uninformed bystander to mistake a sign that merely says “Rip SLRG” as a request for the SLRG to Rest In Peace. And I am sure that we would all hate to see that happen.

Joe Musumeci is a sophomore in the College.

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