Ode to Opening Day

By Liz Khalil Hoya Staff Writer

There’s one holiday that everyone in this country can celebrate. It’s that most all-American of days – baseball’s Opening Day.

Whether or not you’re a baseball fan, it’s hard to resist the seduction of the first game of the season. No other sport starts off with such a bang. College basketball programs can make Midnight Madness out of their first practice, but it’s not the same thing.

Opening Day is, above all, a day where anything, no matter how improbable, seems possible. It’s like the start of a new semester, when everyone thinks this is the term they’re going to go to every class and rack up a 4.0. Every team, no matter how weak – on paper or on the field – has pennant dreams in its minds somewhere. Fans who will go on to become jaded, cynical and bitter by some point in the season are there, with no complaints and no worries.

Opening Day stands for something more than just the start of the season, though. Many of the things associated with baseball are also the things that signal the start of spring, the break from the icy grip of winter. Even if Opening Day is chilly – even odds in my hometown of Detroit – the weather seems sunny and springy nonetheless. The smell of ice melting into mud might not seem very romantic. For those under the spell of Opening Day, though, not much more could be sweeter, unless it’s the sound of your team’s announcer fresh out of storage.


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