Nancy Nord, current treasurer of the D.C. Republican Committee, declared that all members of a community have an obligation to get involved in local politics at a speech in White Gravenor Tuesday night.

Nord, who spoke with 12 members of Georgetown University Women in Politics, emphasized that no matter what one’s political views are, everyone should encourage each other to become civically active.

“Communities are healthier when there is a vibrant, competitive political system,” she said.

Nord described herself as a “regular security mom” who supports President Bush’s reelection campaign because she believes that the level of security has improved during Bush’s first term.

In contrast, Nord said that she felt John Kerry’s move between support and opposition of the war in Iraq indicated that his potential actions as president are unpredictable.

“I don’t know what he’s going to do as president and that concerns me immensely,” she said.

Nord claimed that the war has the potential to create a world in which “freedom flourishes.”

“If Bush is successful in accomplishing what he has begun, we will have a world which has changed dramatically,” she said. “We have a responsibility to be sure that this happens.”

Nord said she believes that President Bush has made a good, credible effort to make the world a better place after Sept. 11, 2001, and discussed current difficulties in Iraq.

“We have to succeed 100 percent of the time, while [the insurgents] only have to succeed once,” she said.

One student asked Nord to clarify the Bush-Cheney campaign slogan, “W Stands for Women.” Nord responded that Bush’s tax cuts to small businesses most directly aid women, and that women are starting two to three times more small businesses than men.

She said she supported Bush’s tax cuts as a means to reinvigorate the stagnant post-Sept. 11 economy. Through supplying resources to the business owners who create jobs and providing incentives such as tax credits to first-time homebuyers, Bush is creating an “ownership economy,” according to Nord.

Mollie Logue (SFS ’06), who organized the event, asked Nord’s reasons for trusting the president after he gave “false reasons for going to war.”

Nord responded by saying that she felt there was credible evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq at the beginning of the war

Nord also characterized the No Child Left Behind Act as important in the W Stands for Women initiative. The strength of this “significant legislation” of comprehensive educational reform, she said, is that it “articulates standards.”

Jane Fleming, executive director of the Young Democrats of America, was unable to attend the event, originally scheduled as a debate, due to a professional emergency.

Nord has also served as a former general attorney of the D.C. Republican Party.

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