Kober-Cogan Building, which was closed in May 2010 after a steam leak, will remain closed indefinitely, according to the university.

The building, which is located between the Leavey Center and the Georgetown University Hospital parking lot, is part of the Georgetown University Medical Center.

According to Georgetown University Hospital Director of Media Relations Marianne Worley, even though the leak was fixed, the presence of mold led the university to turn off heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems in the building and relocate the occupants.

The building previously housed the department of psychiatry.

Although trucks from Rolyn, a disaster recovery and reconstruction firm, have been parked outside of Kober-Cogan throughout the academic year, the trucks are not associated with any activities in the building, according to Worley.

Although it has been empty for almost two years, Kober-Cogan was burglarized in February when a suspect stole a sign from inside the building.

The Medical Center has not confirmed whether the building will reopen, and its future purpose remains unclear.

Across campus on the south side of Dahlgren Quadrangle, Mulledy Building has been empty since 2003.

Built in 1833, the building most recently comprised the old Jesuit Residence with the adjacent Gervase Building and Ryan Hall. Since the Jesuit community’s move to Wolfington Hall in 2003, the windows of Mulledy Building have been boarded up, and the building has remained vacant. Gervase has since been occupied by administrative offices, while Ryan Hall is home to the Woodstock Theological Center.

The university currently does not have a plan to reopen the former Jesuit residence due to financial constraints, according to University Director of Media Relations Rachel Pugh.

“Mulledy Hall needs significant renovation and funding is not currently in place to undertake the work,” she wrote in an email.

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