To the Editor:

As the chair of the department of nursing at the School of Nursing & Health Studies, I read with interest the opinion piece “A Timeless Mission, An Archaic Name” (The Hoya, A3, Jan. 14, 2014). While I appreciate the open dialogue about the school’s name and the author’s description of the learning environment within St. Mary’s Hall, I wish to clarify the record regarding the number of nursing students we have at Georgetown. While it is true that our traditional nursing major population is small, with about 110 students in total across the four current undergraduate classes, that group is a part of more than 1,200 nursing program students, inclusive of our traditional and second-degree Bachelor of Science in nursing students and our Master of Science in nursing students. Additionally, we have a doctoral program set to launch in August 2014 that will contribute more students to this total. Nursing, therefore, is by far the largest academic program within the school — an important fact to consider in the conversation about our name.

Jeanne A. Matthews, Ph.D., RN
Chair, Department of Nursing,
School of Nursing & Health Studies

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