NHS Removes Printing Budget

isabel binamira/the hoya The School of Nursing and Health Studies is no longer providing students a $50 printing allowance.

isabel binamira/the hoya
The School of Nursing and Health Studies is no longer providing students a $50 printing allowance.

The School of Nursing and Health Studies eliminated its printing budget for students — which provided students around $50 a year for printing use — beginning this fall.

The printing budget, which previously cost the NHS $64,500, was cut by NHS Dean Patricia Cloonan’s administrative team, which considered how the other schools at Georgetown manage their printing budgets. Neither the School of Foreign Service nor the College provides a printing budget for its students, while all printing in the McDonough School of Business is free as part of tuition.

“We’re really trying to take a look at how can we better get in line with the rest of the university on this issue in a way that is fiscally responsible,” Cloonan said.

The funding came previously from an alumni donation which ran out two years ago, according to Cloonan. The NHS self-funded the program last year.

Cloonan said she hopes students who are upset by this change will share their views with her and the rest of the NHS administration.

“We’re deeply committed to trying to be responsive to students’ concerns. I would hope that if students have concerns about this or anything else, they can certainly feel free to bring their concerns here,” Cloonan said. “We are more than happy to have a conversation with them about that and to really think through what makes sense for our school and for our instance in the future.”

Saumya Kasliwal (NHS ’19) said the printing budget cut is cost-efficient for both students and the university.

“Last semester I just did not use $25 worth of printing a semester and that money was taken onto my tuition package,” Kasliwal said. “So it’s actually pretty beneficial that now we aren’t restricted to that one lab. If I only end up printing $10 a semester, that’s fine.”

JJ Larkins (NHS ’19) said eliminating the built-in printing budget was an improvement.

“Before, we were almost forced to use $25 to print in this one lab in the basement of St. Mary’s, so I kind of like that we don’t have it anymore,” Larkins said.

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