East Coast Bike Route Brought to Nation’s CapitalD.C. is on the map.

In an effort to promote eco-friendly transportation, the East Coast Greenway Alliance, which is mapping a bike route that connects cities spanning the east coast, has recently penciled the District of Columbia into its east coast route.

The Greenway consists of 2,930 miles of connected bike trails linking major cities from Maine to Florida. It crosses paths ranging from wooded trails to city streets, and even the National Mall.

The organization, which is responsible for mapping and connecting existing bike trails, expects the recently erected signs in Washington, D.C., to promote the bike path and generate public interest.

While many of Georgetown University’s bikers enjoy the mountain biking day trips organized by the Office of Outdoor Education, the East Coast Greenway offers a different type of biking experience through the National Mall and the streets of the district.

“We do use part of the trail already,” said Russell Watts, director of outdoor education at Georgetown University. “But it’s a great idea to educate people that it’s part of a larger trail that they may want to do.”

Watts said that Outdoor Education may offer biking trips through the National Mall this fall, which would offer students a change of pace from the mountain biking trips already available. Watts advised students to check the Outdoor Education Web site for the fall schedule of events.

The East Coast Greenway bike path offers a new challenge for those looking for a longer trip, and a great chance to see the sights of Washington while getting some exercise. “I usually stick to the nature trails. They’re kind of an escape from campus,” said Jenny Newby (SFS ’10). “But I go walking by the monuments a lot, so I may try this trail. It sounds cool.”

-Allison Wilkinson

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