New Management Selected to Lead the Corp

The Corp announced last week the new members of its new upper management team, which will assume control Feb. 1.

Ryan Callahan (SFS ’10) will become the new president and chief executive officer, Brad Glasser (COL ’11) will be the chief operating officer, and Philip Goodman (COL ’10) will become the new chief financial officer.

Callahan previously worked as the director of Vital Vittles, Glasser worked as director of customer relations at More Uncommon Grounds, and Goodman was the former director of point-of-sale accounting.

According to Callahan, The Corp will be making some changes under the new management. First, it will expand its catering service into its own branch – the service was previously run out of Uncommon Grounds. There will also be a new service and outreach committee, which will advocate for the interests of the student body.

Callahan said that he believes The Corp has a lot to offer students and that these additions will greatly enhance the organization’s effectiveness.

“We want Georgetown to know that we exist to serve you, the students,” he said. “As students ourselves, we share many of the same needs and frustrations as our customers, but we want to do a better job of providing exactly what students want and being honest with ourselves about what we can improve.”

Jesse Scharff (COL ’09), the outgoing president and CEO, has great confidence in the incoming team.

“Ryan Callahan, president and CEO, has proven to be an amazing leader as the director of Vital Vittles, making a number of great improvements to the service,” he said. “Having worked with these three over the last year, I know that they will bring tremendous energy and enthusiasm to the job, and I can’t wait to see their accomplishments.”

– Tomi Maxted

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