By Joe DohertyHoya Staff Writer

A new shuttle connection aims to make transportation to nearby etro stations more convenient for Georgetown students.

Beginning Sept. 4, the Georgetown Shuttle Connection will offer transportation to the Rosslyn and Foggy Bottom Metro stations for 50 cents. Buses will leave every 10 minutes from various locations along Wisconsin Ave. and M St.

Sponsors hope the shuttle service will increase commerce in the business district as well as decrease traffic in the area.

“As it is right now, there is no Metro stop in Georgetown, so people can’t get here, and the traffic is unbearable,” Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 2E Justin Wagner (COL ’03) said. “This shuttle will help deal with both of those problems.”

Though the Georgetown Partnership has established the shuttle primarily to benefit commerce, they hope it will also have far reaching effects on students. Running from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. on weekdays, and from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. on weekends, the service will also address the issue of student safety.

“It’s a much better option than walking home late at night,” Wagner said.

Wagner said many Georgetown students have said traveling to other areas of the city is difficult. Without a Metro stop, students were forced to take Metro buses or GUTS to reach the subway. Both of these methods brought with them their problems, as etro buses run infrequently and GUTS has limited service on weekends, the time when students would most likely utilize the service. Furthermore, with no GUTS service on Wisconsin Ave. and no service directly to Foggy Bottom by either Metro or GUTS, navigating the area was at the very least a hassle.

Organizers said the new shuttle connection solves many of these problems for students. One route will run along Wisconsin Ave., ending at the Foggy Bottom Metro stop, and the second will run along M St. to the Rosslyn Metro station. As a result, travel to places like George Washington University or American University and their surrounding areas will be easier for students.

“For students who don’t own cars, which is most of them, the shuttle service is going to be a major step forward in convenience and safety,” Wagner said. “This will definitely help Georgetown students to take greater advantage of all of Washington.”

Student response to the service has been positive.

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