Georgetown students, who have grown accustomed to noticing the new sights that are surfacing in the construction area near Tondorf Road, may have noticed the latest addition to campus from last Thursday morning as towering stadium lighting now surrounds Harbin Field.

University spokesperson Julie Bataille said the lighting was installed last week as part of the gradual Harbin Field renovation process to make night games and practices possible for Georgetown sports teams.

“The field has been enhanced over the past few years, with the project being completed in phases as funds are available,” said Bataille. “The lighting will provide more hours of field use.”

Several members of university sports teams agree that these lights will increase possible practice hours.

“The lights give [teams] more options to practice and schedule games,” said women’s lacrosse player MaryBeth Brophy (MSB ’11). “We already share the field with a number of teams, and the added lights will make it easier to work out a schedule, because we can practice later into the night.”

Bataille said the university was able to purchase the lights despite the financial stress the university currently faces.

“New lighting has always been a part of the project and a donors’ contributions made the timing possible now,” she said.

The lighting installation was designed to be completed in time for the women’s lacrosse game against the University of Maryland on March 11, Brophy said. Field lighting is also required for Big East Championship lacrosse games, which Georgetown will host from April 24 to 26.

embers of club teams also look forward to being able to utilize the fields at night.

“There just aren’t enough light hours for all the teams to be able to practice,” Emily Miller (COL ’11), a member of the women’s rugby team, said. “So this should make more opportunities for club teams to practice and play on campus.”

The extension of available field hours is especially important for rugby, according to Miller, because the team can only practice in the evening, due to scheduling conflicts with the coaches.

“[The lights on] Kehoe Field are on pretty much all the time, which is nice, but Kehoe is hard because we can’t tackle up there,” Miller said. “So we’re really waiting to find out how often the lights are going to be available.”

A permanent schedule for the field’s night use has not yet been developed. Field use will be determined by the athletics staff, according to Bataille.

One student, J.C. Hodges (SFS ’11), whose Kennedy Hall dorm room looks onto Harbin Field, did not have a problem with the addition of the new lights.

“The campus at night is always bright, with [the lights from] the Leavey Center and Kehoe,” he said. “The new lights don’t make it noticeably worse.”

Clare Donnelly (COL ’12), a resident of Harbin whose dorm room also faces Harbin Field, said the lights have been an inconvenience.

“They’re extremely bright, and sometimes make it hard to sleep,” Donnelly said.

Bataille noted that student concerns would be considered when developing a schedule for lighting usage.

“The field’s use is determined [by] taking into account a range of issues, including its proximity to student residential space,” she said.

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