On Jan. 21, The Corp announced its new trio of officers for the next year to candidates and current employees.

Brad Glasser (COL ’11), outgoing chief operating officer, is the new chief executive officer and president, succeeding Ryan Callahan (SFS ’10). Josh Feller (COL ’11) is the new chief operating officer and Spencer Fertig (COL ’11) is the new chief financial officer, succeeding Phil Goodman (SFS ’10).

“The decision was based on a process which began in December with recruitment events and interest meetings,” Glasser said. “Any Corp employee is eligible and encouraged to apply.”

Candidates applied for the positions by Jan. 13, and The Corp upper management and The Corp board of directors reviewed and considered the applications. Members of The Corp upper management and the board of directors who applied for an officer position were not allowed to participate in the selection process.

The Corp is a nonprofit, entirely student-run corporation that was founded in 1972 and currently operates seven services: Vital Vittles, Uncommon Grounds, More Uncommon Grounds, Corp Catering, Student Storage, Hoya Snaxa and The Midnight Mug. The Corp also offers a seasonal shuttle service to local airports during the days leading up to Thanksgiving and Easter breaks.

According to its Web site, The Corp is a “multimillion dollar business and has grown into the largest student-owned and student-operated corporation in the world.” It employs nearly 200 students.”

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