Heat has been turned off in Nevils and LXR Hall, which await the installation of a temporary generator-powered chiller by the middle of next week.

Pedestrian access through the courtyard that connects Nevils, LXR Hall and Walsh, which reopened today, will be maintained while the buildings receive temporary air conditioning, according to an email from Executive Director of Student Housing Patrick Killilee to residents of East Campus Wednesday evening.

The restoration of pedestrian access through the courtyard marked the end of one stage of the renovations to East Campus.

However, according to an email from the Office of Student Housing to residents of East Campus Tuesday evening, work is ongoing.

The replacement of the chiller, which controls the air conditioning for Walsh, LXR Hall and Nevils, is expected to be completed by early May, leaving both residence halls without air conditioning until then.

With the restoration of part of the courtyard, the security doors on N St. and 36th St. will be closed and their emergency alarms will be reinstalled. Student must enter LXR Hall and the interior Nevils apartments through the Walsh lobby or the 35th St. entrance.

The Office of Student Housing also cautioned that construction noise and brief disruptions to pedestrian walkways are to be expected. Part of the courtyard between Nevils and LXR Hall will remain fenced as well.

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