University officials are staying mum on the status of continuing contract negotiations with Security Services and Technologies following the expiration of the firm’s one-month warning to address all problems or possible lose their contract.

In November, university officials informed SST, the security firm hired to complete the installation of 19 new blue light call boxes approximately 16 months ago, that their contract could be terminated if the removal of 40 nonoperational call boxes was not completed within a month.

Vice President of University Safety David Morrell said, however, that the university has not yet followed through with its threat.

“As of this date, the contract has not been cancelled,” Morrell said on Wednesday.

Morrell said that the school is currently in active negotiations with SST “in an effort to resolve these outstanding issues.”

“Due to the nature of our current negotiations, we are unable to comment more specifically at this time,” he added.

Chris Morjan, the university’s emergency call box project manager, deferred questions regarding the university’s relationship with SST to Karen Frank, vice president of facilities and student housing, whose office is handling the negotiations.

Frank declined to comment on the university’s current position with SST.

The emergency call boxes were first installed and scheduled for operation in the fall of 2004. Morrell said, however, that the project has suffered from delays due to a number of “technical and logistical difficulties.”

Officials have cited the boxes’ location and power supply, SST’s technology and problems with the university’s cellular network as reasons the delays. SST began removing the inoperative call boxes for testing in November after the university issued its ultimatum.

Kurt Burneskis, who is working on the project from SST’s Virginia office, declined comment.

Bridget Durbin (NHS ’08), a resident of Alumni Square, said that it is important that operable call boxes are installed soon. Alumni Square is currently without a blue light call box following the removal of a faulty SST station.

“It’s the school’s responsibility to make sure there are call boxes on- and off-campus so that students will feel safe,” Durbin said.

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