Chris Schuville (MSB ’10) was hospitalized for lacerations to the head and a concussion after he and several others were engaged in a late-night brawl involving alcohol on 35th and N Streets on Sept. 12.

Two groups of approximately seven college-aged individuals were approaching campus from the east on M Street at around 3 a.m., shouting about a fight that had apparently occurred earlier in the night, according to a witness who was granted anonymity. He said he recognized several of the individuals as Georgetown students.

“One kid had blood all over his shirtsleeve from what seemed to be a fight earlier,” the witness said. “He was kind of showing off, and following that, the second group kind of came down, and they were exchanging insults.”

As the group moved up N Street, the verbal altercation turned into a physical skirmish in which Schuville was punched, fell to the ground and hit his head on the concrete, according to the witness and the Metropolitan Police Department incident report. One of the individuals in the group then kicked Schuville in an “unknown” location on his body, the report said. The group continued to fight until the police arrived on the scene, the witness reported.

Schuville was intoxicated at the time, according to MPD Lt. Jimmie Riley, and it was likely that most of the other individuals involved had been drinking as well. “The victim was apparently pretty uncooperative with the officers,” Riley said. “He combated with the responding officers, so they had to sedate him.”

Schuville was then transported to The George Washington University Hospital, where he was treated for his head injuries, Riley said. He was released later that day.

Two individuals were reported as the main assailants in the incident, Riley said, although the victim made these accusations while still under the influence that night. Sports Information Director Mex Carey said that Schuville, a lacrosse player, did not wish to comment.

No arrests have been made in the incident, and a follow-up investigation is dependent on how cooperative the victim is with MPD, Riley said.

DPS also responded to the incident, but Department of Public Safety Director Jeff Van Slyke and Vice President for Public Safety Rocco DelMonaco could not be reached after repeated attempts for comment.

Correction: This article initially said that the individuals involved in the brawl were walking on M Street from the west when they were actually walking from the east.

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