This weekend I am going to be alone. Utterly, completely and bitterly alone. No, my girlfriend didn’t dump me, but she’s going to New York for the weekend. I’m sorry, I don’t want to whine. And I know what you`re thinking: the boy is he whipped. Well, maybe you’re right. Maybe I am whipped. I admit it. But, that doesn’t erase the fact that I will be without the girl that I have spent almost every weekend with for the last two years. Besides, the leash is gonna be stretched tight. New York is pretty far away. So, my plans for the weekend have broken wide open. I could go clubbing, hit a few house parties, spend the night getting thrown out of crappy bars or do any of the other fun weekend activities that my girlfriend frowns upon. She’s more of a coffee house and board game kinda girl, and she detests parties. But I’m not really in the mood to party and get so drunk that by the end of the night I can’t tell the difference between John Carroll and Jenny McCarthy. And if I end up renting a movie by myself, I’m afraid it may turn out to be pornographic. I’ve resigned myself to finding my own entertainment this weekend. Luckily, my roommate Chris Lawson (COL ’00) invited me to hang out with him and reacquaint me to weekend life without my better half. Oh, it helps that Chris is the World’s Most Eligible Bachelor. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not looking to partake of the delicacies of the opposite sex. But I want to see the man in action. I’ve known Chris for six years; we were friends at an all-boys Catholic high school, which means we went through hell together just like old war buddies. We decided to share a house this year with a few other guys. And now, he’s sharing this space with me and he’s willing to share himself with you. He’s dashing. He’s pre-med. And the sheer potency of his robust physique and sculpted torso is enough to drive a man to switch teams — and bring his own equipment. He’s sensitive, too. He’s so in touch with his feelings that he once bought flowers for a woman he had just met. He said she looked like she deserved them. And, to quote Chaucer, “He loves so hotly, he gets so much sleep as a nightingale.” In high school, I had a driver`s license, and he didn’t. I drove him and his then-girlfriend home one night, and lets just say I didn’t hear a peep from the back seat the entire 30-minute long drive Chris can dance, too. He’s been known to get down to “Boombastic” and be careful if he hears DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat.” He’s likely to lose an article of clothing or two. I know: I have the pictures. I don’t mean to try to sell my roommate, but I’ve always been kinda upset that The Hoya doesn`t have a personals section. So, lets consider this the first personal ad. If you see a man walking across campus fitting Chris’s description – 5-foot-10, blond, Irish — tell him you heard about him in The Hoya. Women of Georgetown and the world get ready for Lawson because he`s ready for you. Days on the Hilltop appears Fridays in The Hoya.

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