Given the planned launch of the new Master’s Program in Art and Museum Studies this fall, the arts may be getting more recognition on the Hilltop.

The new 12-month program, announced by Georgetown’s Department of Art, Music and Theater on Jan. 10, will require students to take a combination of core and elective courses along with a local internship during the fall semester, according to a press release announcing the new program.

In the spring, students will take courses at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. Students will have the option of remaining in London or returning to the Hilltop during the summer to complete the final course and an internship.

Alison Hilton, chair of the Department of Art, Music, and Theater, said that the program’s partnership with Sotheby’s will be beneficial because of what she said were complementary teaching approaches at the two universities. Hilton said that Sotheby’s offers many focused and museum-intensive courses, as well as the opportunity to work with full-time faculty members in areas that Georgetown does not offer, such as Asian Art and Art Business.

Hilton said that the program intends to “balance between study of museum[s] and their many roles in our cultures.”

According to the press release, the master’s program emphasizes “both theory and practice,” with attention to “the roles of museums in modern cultures, exhibition practice, museum education, conservation and preservation, museum architecture, curatorial work and the ethics of acquisition and display.”

The new program “builds on strengths [Georgetown] already has,” Hilton said.

The application deadline for program is March 10.

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