Graduates of the McDonough School of Business saw the second-highest rate of employment for the Class of 2011 among more than 240 undergraduate programs in the United States, according to a September study byNerdWallet Education.

Eighty-nine percent of the Class of 2011 landed jobs immediately after graduation, placing the MSB just below University of Massachusetts-Amherst’s School of Nursing, from which 92 percent of graduates found employment. The MSB placed three spots above Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, from which 86 percent of graduates found employment after graduation, and four above University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, from which 85 percent found employment.

NerdWallet Education based its study on schools that disclose their graduates’ employment rates.

Georgetown’s senior survey report from the Class of 2011, which NerdWallet used for its study of Georgetown, found that MSB graduates had the highest rate of employment among the four undergraduate schools. Fifty-two percent of graduates from Georgetown College, 69 percent of graduates from the Walsh School of Foreign Service and 74 percent of graduates from the School of Nursing and Health Studies were employed by graduation day.

However, a higher proportion of students from those schools went on to graduate or professional school. While only 5 percent of MSB graduates sought further education, 32 percent of College graduates, 14 percent of SFS graduates and 18 percent of NHS graduates went on to graduate or professional school.

According to Mike Schaub, executive director of the Cawley Career Education Center at Georgetown, the center provides MSB students with specialized tools in accordance with the unique challenges they face in finding employment.

“Interviewing for the finance and consulting fields can be particularly tricky, so the Career Center offers for new graduates seeking employment.

“Once a company hires a few Georgetown graduates and observes their exceptional job performance, the company works with the Career Center to enhance their campus presence and expand their recruiting efforts,” Schaub said. “The Career Center staff enjoys seeing alumni who are just a few years out of graduation return to the center to recruit their fellow Hoyas.”

MSB’s second-place ranking was consistent with the broader trends of the study, which found that graduates of specialized programs, such as business, nursing and engineering schools, had the highest rates of employment. Eighteen of the top 20 programs in the study were specialized and had an average of 84 percent employment.

Graduates of specialized programs were also found to have higher-than-average starting salaries. The mean starting salary for the MSB’s Class of 2011 was $61,802, whereas graduates of Georgetown College were paid an average of $48,664. Despite the disparity, graduates of both schools outearned their peers; according to the NerdWallet study, the average starting salary for business school graduates was $49,448, while graduates of more general arts and sciences programs earned an average of $40,194.

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