A fading star from the once-famous show “Viking Quest,” a tequila tycoon weed-guzzler, a pizza-rolling Sbarro’s manager turned suit-wearing movie producer, a short-fused workaholic talent agent and a kid from a Mentos commercial who changed the game.

For those who were fans of the HBO television show, you will find exactly what you were hoping for in the film adaptation of Doug Ellin’s “Entourage.” Ferraris and lambos, topless girls in Jacuzzis, alcohol-fueled and cameo-studded parties in the Hills, and five bros navigating and brunching their way into million-dollar movie deals and the high-speed celebrity lifestyle.

Since its birth in 2004, the show “Entourage “ has had all the glitzy components of an R-rated comedy chronicling the acting career of Vinnie Chase while his oddball posse ride on his coattails into Gatsby-like gaieties and red-carpeted film festivals. To contrast the show’s dip in ratings in its later seasons, the subsequent film returns to the fizz of the early seasons. Throughout the years until the series finale in 2011, the show kept a loyal fan base. The “Entourage” film is very much like the show, starting a few months after where the show left off, with Vinnie’s next project.

In the midst of a raging party on an over-crowded yacht sailing off the coast of Ibiza, the story begins with Vinnie, after another failed relationship, on the phone again with his agent, now-studio head Ari Gold, deciding on which film to direct. Jumping through hoops as he always does, his loyal agent uses his business acumen and his instinctual read on people to make the film happen, but not after yelling at several of his colleagues and punching walls in therapy sessions. To no one’s surprise, Vinnie’s movie again goes into dire straits, its debut threatened not only by cancellation from Ari’s board of directors and his co-financier, but also by relationship problems experienced bv members of Vinnie’s clique.

Beneath the glamorous veneer, “Entourage” remains uniquely illuminating and accurate in its depiction of the innerworkings of the often-shallow entertainment industry. We have all certainly learned a few Hollywood tricks either on how to land an audition or how to pitch a screenplay to a big-business studio from watching the hilarity of the show’s comedic situations. In its manic gusto, “Entourage” always provides tips on how to make it in this cutthroat industry. If you never got into the show, you will still laugh hysterically at the scenes where comedy clashes with fantasy.

“Entourage” may not be anything more than a romp into Hollywood fantasy, but it is ripe with situational comedy from its characters, goofy celebrity cameos and wrecking ball meta-references that barrel through the fourth wall. Viewers will love the gang nostalgically ruminating over their triumphs, thereby alluding to classic “Entourage” scenes and Drama’s one-line zingers on hook up culture. The humor will surely make every fan chuckle and drool over this Los Angeles craze. Bringing back the excitement originally presented in the first seasons of the show, this film lives up to its expectations.

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