More Uncommon Grounds, a service run by the Students of Georgetown, Inc., recently awarded $5,000 in scholarships to seven Georgetown University undergraduates. The scholarships, which were given out in amounts of $500 and $1,000, were awarded to Katherine Petrochenkov (COL ’05), Hanseul Kang (SFS ’04), Elmer Philip Lehman (COL ’05), Nicolle Kownacki (SFS ’05), ichelle Williams (MSB ’03), Tamika Jones (NHS ’04) and Julia O’Meara (SFS ’05).

According to MUG Director Peter Faulhaber (COL ’04), the criteria for a quality applicant included a strong commitment to academics, demonstration of personal initiative in extracurricular activities and student-employment. A total of 20 students applied for the scholarship.

MUG Scholarships will be offered annually every fall, although the number of scholarships and amounts given will vary according to the amount of revenue generated, Faulhaber said.

“The amount given back to the community is roughly 10 percent of revenues, although this year, more than twice that was given because the scholarships had never been given out in the past,” Faulhaber said.

Located in the ICC, More Uncommon Grounds was opened in the spring of 1999. In the spring of 2001, it officially separated from Uncommon Grounds, another Corp service, with its first hiring and selection of upper management.

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