To the Editor,


Sunday, I groggily yet eagerly boarded the bus to New York City at 5:40 a.m., excited for my first Georgetown basketball road trip to watch the Hoyas play St. John’s. Wearing my “We Are Georgetown” T-shirt, I marched — beaming with pride — with the herd of faithful Hoyas into one of this country’s famous arenas: Madison Square Garden. I would never have expected that I would walk out two and a half hours later significantly less proud than I walked in.

As a prospective Georgetown student, I was largely sold on this university by its ideals, including those of integrity, respect and love for others. It was so sad to me that these ideals did not follow us to Madison Square Garden as comments about St. John’s “ugly cheerleaders” and lower academic reputation were crudely yelled by Georgetown fans throughout the course of Sunday’s game. Though put off by this, I was most appalled by the criticism and booing from our fans of a man in the Army wearing a St. John’s t-shirt during a fan shooting contest. A week after sadly, yet proudly, sending a good friend off to Afghanistan, I was jarred by my own university’s fans rudely and offensively jeering a man who protected the very freedom that allowed us the experience of watching a great basketball game, traveling to a world-class city and learning at one of the best, most recognized universities in the world.

The next time I go to support the Hoyas whom I so adore, I will very consciously ensure that I do not leave my Georgetown values at the door. May we not so quickly forget what we stand for as Georgetown students, and may we not forget the people who have made the sacrifices to get us where we are today.


Katie Day (NHS ’15)

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