Authorities have confirmed that they have located Nyambura Thiong’o (SFS ’09), who last attended Georgetown in fall 2007 and was reported missing to the Metropolitan Police Department in late August.

Andy Pino, director of media relations for the Office of Public Affairs, said that MPD has informed the Department of Public Safety that Thiong’o has been found and the missing person report has been closed.

Thiong’o’s brother and MPD could not be reached after repeated attempts at comment on the cause of Thiong’o’s disappearance.

Neither Alysa Hannon (SFS ’09), who lived with Thiong’o over the summer, nor Anna Jacobson (SFS ’09), who lives in the house now, knew anything more about the incident.

Along with three of her friends, Thiong’o had been subletting a house in Burleith over the summer.

On Aug. 19, her housemates realized that no one had seen her for two to three weeks and that her belongings were still in her room. At that point, they filed a non-critical missing persons report with MPD. Thiong’o’s brother came to pick up her belongings from her room after the report was filed.

According to University spokesperson Julie Bataille, because Thiong’o was no longer an enrolled Georgetown student, DPS could only offer support to MPD’s investigation instead of conducting their own internal investigation.

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