To the Editor:

It’s incredible that Moises Mendoza could spend a whole semester as editor in chief of this university’s newspaper of record and still not know anything about what’s been going on around campus.

In his recent column about GUSA’s campaign YouTube videos (“Humorous You Tube Campaigns Make GUSA the Biggest Joke,” THE HOYA, Feb. 6, 2007, A3), he mocks the shorts – some funny, some not – that have gotten thousands of hits from campus Hoyas and have increased the level of interest in an election that, contrary to what he says, has been centered on the issues.

The videos have raised the visibility of the campaign, but candidates agree that going door-to-door and talking about the issues remains their most serious and time-consuming campaign responsibility. More stunning, however, is Mendoza’s almost laughable lack of knowledge about what the Student Association has done this year – accomplishments reported in his own paper.

Mendoza lists only “reforming the Assembly,” forgetting such public successes as opening up Riggs Library, expanding GUTS bus service and gaining auditing powers over student activities fees and much else.

Most distressing, however, is Mendoza’s suggestion that GUSA should work on “meal plan or GUTS bus expansion.” As he should know, both of those have been well-reported marquee successes of GUSA this year and last year, when GUSA solicited the university for more weekend bus service, helped bring franchises including Subway to Hoya Court and helped develop the Grab-n-Go program with Dining Services.

Students are increasingly beginning to shed the willful ignorance about GUSA that Mendoza so obviously relishes.

Eden Schiffmann (COL ’08)

Former GUSA Chief of Staff

Feb. 7, 2007

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