To the Editor:

When I first read about the alleged assault on David Riedman in The Hoya last year (“Student Faces Assault Charge,” April 20, 2004, A1), I was dismayed but accepted the fact that I will never know who was really to blame.

When I first read about the recent assault on a DPS officer in The Hoya in the Oct. 15, 2004, edition (“Sophomore Allegedly Strikes DPS Officer,” A1), I again reserved judgment. I wasn’t there, so why should I buy one version of the event over another?

My desire to remain open-minded, however, came up against the startling fact revealed at the end of the second article – that Vincent “Trey” Martin is the alleged aggressor in both cases.

Though our country’s judicial system might treat the incidents as separate – and therefore not hold the first charge against him in the second case – common sense tells me that this individual has displayed a pattern of violence that should not be tolerated.

Who knows what else this student is capable of during his remaining two and a half years here? For the safety of all of us, I think the university should act quickly to permanently remove him from campus.

Michael Keller (GSFS ’05)

Oct. 15, 2004

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