I started to read your recent editorial, “Wi-Fi Should Encompass University Apartments” (THE HOYA, Oct. 21, 2008, A2) with excitement, thinking that you might finally give voice to my roommates and my problem. I finished reading your editorial with disappointment, though, having realized that you failed to give any mention of the plight of those of us living in the greatest of the so-called “premiere” locations of university-owned housing: the townhouses.

Forget not being able to check Facebook on your balcony or in your closet; imagine living on a modern college campus and having absolutely no university-provided Internet service whatsoever. Our townhouse lacks Ethernet capability, and though the Hoya network’s signal appears on our computers, we are unable to connect. UIS’s answer? Get your own Internet. So we did. We don’t let the man keep us down, however technologically dysfunctional he may be. But back to your editorial: Before bemoaning the lack of wireless access in the apartment complexes, try addressing the plight of those of us who save $38 per semester in the residential communications fee but have to procure our own Internet service.

Chelsea Paige (SFS ’09)

October 27, 2008

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