Call me a socialist, but I believe that people, regardless of wealth and status, should receive adequate nutrition. We as human beings have a right to life. To live, we must eat. So, every single human being on Planet Earth has a right to receive adequate nutrition. Call me an NHS student.

Call me a Leo’s lover, but I do not think that Leo’s should have to provide great-tasting organic Grab `n’ Go. At a Wednesday morning breakfast with friends, I defended Leo’s right to remove the organic Grab `n’ Go, citing presumably higher costs and the triviality of having organic food as my argument. My friends maintained that we as Georgetown students should have the best tasting food, because we were given it for a few weeks before it was taken away and we pay for it. But who exactly are we Georgetown students? Because we pay meal plan dollars, we deserve Thai chicken salad? Call me a woman who enjoys chicken Caesar salad.

If we relate cost to allowance, then should a student receiving a full scholarship obtain a less tasty meal than our peers whose parents pay the full cost of Georgetown? So then, should a Georgetown student obtain a tastier, arguably more nutritious meal than persons who cannot afford such? I am not arguing that we should eat substandard just because families in Haiti must. I am arguing that we should be grateful for the food we do have. We should always understand that although a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is not a gourmet meal, it is food in our mouths. Grab `n’ Go is sustaining and as far as I know, no Georgetown student has passed away after consuming a Tupperware container full of pasta salad. Be grateful. Let us count our blessings. Call me a Christian.

Elise Lockamy (NHS ’09)

Oct. 15, 2008

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