To the Editor:

As an MSB senior, I am incredibly saddened by the recent tragedies that affected our university community. At the same time, I am outraged that some are using these tragic events to take a jab at MSB students and staff.

A letter to the editor by Dr. Colin Campbell (“University ust Address Crisis,” The Hoya, Oct. 22, 2004, A2) questioned the absence of the MSB dean at the scene of the incident.

In fact, the support MSB faculty and staff have been providing to the friends and families of the deceased students has been outstanding, especially when one considers that they too are mourning the loss of these students.

Furthermore, I am offended by Dr. Campbell’s comments regarding Georgetown’s “big problems with that ever-present acronym [MSB].” He cites that MSB students have “three-day weekends for partying.”

Several aspects of this accusation are inaccurate.

First, many MSB students have class five days a week.

Second, the reason some students do not have class on Friday is so that they can be available to work internships to complement their coursework and build their resumes.

Third, who’s to say that a 9 a.m. class on a Friday morning is going to deter a student from partying on Thursday night, regardless of the undergraduate school to which they belong?

It appears to me that the author has an axe to grind with the university and evidently the MSB, and I do not believe The Hoya letters column to be the appropriate place for him to share his sentiments.

Making reference to the deaths of my classmates in order to deliver a low blow to the university is insensitive and without class. I hope that in the future The Hoya will be more discriminating when selecting the letters it publishes.

Mary Bakarich (MSB ’05)

Oct. 23, 2004

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