1. It is often said that the administration has failed to recognize GUSA as a legitimate force on campus and has, for the most part, ignored the organization and its initiatives. What makes you different from every other person who has tried and failed to overcome this barrier?

While the student association has had its successes, it has generally been criticized for its lack of tangible results. Poor communication has been cited as one reason that the administration is not aware of GUSA’s work. Yet, GUSA’s general ineffectiveness is another – there aren’t many results of which the administration and the student body take notice. Denis and I have a clear vision, and we expect results to occur. Once we achieve our goals, both the administration and the students will likely gain a respect for the student government at Georgetown. Our idea of corporate funding is important to Georgetown. It will reduce the problem of insufficient funds on our campus. Denis and I have tremendous enthusiasm. We hope that the administration will recognize our enthusiasm and dedication. More importantly, through our actions we will gain the respect of the administration.

2. This year, GUSA has been criticized for its separation from the students it intends to serve – a separation which was exemplified by the association’s attempts to reform itself as well as the apathy of the student body towards the result of this debate, the Student Leadership Reform Group. How do you plan to close this gap and increase student interest in GUSA’s affairs?

An effective student government is one that has the respect of its student body. A president and a vice-president cannot unite the school if they don’t have this respect.

Denis and I truly believe that we do. As the only candidate who has been elected class representative three years running, I feel that our ticket has the strong support of our fellow juniors. As a student-athlete, Denis is also a well-respected figure. Not only does he play varsity soccer, but he has managed to do well in the classroom and in his other obligations.

Denis and I have tremendous energy and enthusiasm, yet we also have a clear vision. Juniors and other classmen alike are encouraged by and supportive of our candidacy. Students are quite interested in our idea of corporate funding. They understand that not only will the money benefit campus clubs and organizations, but it will also help improve all areas of campus, namely student life and technology.

Georgetown needs leaders they can relate to. Denis and I are here for the students. Our ideas are very tangible and concrete. We intend to accomplish all of the goals we’ve set forth. Actions speak louder than words; and each time we succeed in our endeavors, Denis and I will draw the school closer to GUSA.

3. What do you think will be the most important issue GUSA will face next year, and how do you plan to address it?

We see that there are two major issues facing GUSA in the upcoming year. The first issue is student enthusiasm and knowledge about GUSA. Although the purpose of GUSA lies in its representation of students, often many students are not aware of the affairs and issues being addressed. We feel that it is important for students to not only know what is going on but also be able to voice their opinion if they feel it necessary on an issue. By writing updates in the various school newspapers and also using access to GUTV, we feel that we can hopefully reach a good number of students. We also feel that one of the most important things to do is to talk with people about issue and know how they feel. Arenas such as the cafeterias, dorm rooms lounges and Red Square are areas that could be perfect for allowing students to be informed and voice their opinions. We plan to not keep affairs just to GUSA but to spend times actively seeking opinions of students on campus.

A second issue that will be a major concern for GUSA next year will be financial affairs. This year’s budget freezing made many students concerned over the credibility of GUSA. This has been the major reason that we have spent time researching and campaigning on corporate funding. We believe that our enthusiasm and dedication to this idea will bring solid results that will benefit the school. We truly believe that corporate funding is the best viable option that the school has in order to raise money for GUSA that will in turn, benefit the student body as a whole.

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