Delving into the intricacies of Lecture Fund independence is absolutely the right decision at this time.

The Lecture Fund has always played a prominent role on Georgetown’s campus, and in order for the Lecture Fund to continue to be the country’s premiere avenue of global discourse it must at all times have prudent but total autonomy to choose its own executive leadership without the complexities of GUSA bureaucracy.

As a member who served three semesters on the general board of the Lecture Fund, I know firsthand that the Student Association plays no direct or immediate role in the fund’s day to day formalities. Although GUSA in its current role is not meant to play a part in the daily operations of the Lecture Fund, GUSA can still serve the interests of the group.

The mere mention of the Lecture Fund falling under the umbrella of GUSA does not mean that GUSA plays any role in seeking potential speakers. Nor does it mean that GUSA can rightfully claim a piece of the Lecture Fund’s success.

GUSA should and must sit down with the Lecture Fund to examine the best course of action for a more cohesive student relationship.

Happy Johnson (COL ’07) GUSA Representative Feb. 2, 2005

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