Many put O’Donnovan Hall at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to ranking campus cuisine. In reality, the only dining hall that serves the entire campus hasn’t properly pitched its menu of merits.

When students returned to making their inventive paninis and glorified G waffles in Leo’s this fall, they found a new menu structured to improve the nutrition of the dining hall at large. Caloric information is now displayed for all food in stock — no more blissful ignorance when we go for that ice cream every night. Leo’s has also upgraded the gluten-free and vegan options to goad us into taking advantage of healthier options while expanding the variety for those with strict dietary needs.

Despite these improvements, the student body is still hung up over the commodity that we value most — time. Lines for these upgraded meals and serving system seem excessive to the Leo’s patron of years past. What’s more, their sudden appearance infuriated those that were old hats at self-service.

What’s more, the Leo’s website is seldom updated and lacks information for the daily food rotation. There’s a change the lines enountered won’t even be worth the wait.

But with those lines, Leo’s is trying to do more than personally antagonize its customers. By directly serving students, Leo’s hopes to standardize servings to keep off the “freshman 15” along with reducing the risk of contracting those pesky animal flus that come with mass distribution. The new initiative also will reduce food waste, something Leo’s has progressively been working to improve.

Despite its flaws, Leo’s still managed to install an incredible new soda machine, serve you mostly with a smile and keep that awesome grill Down Under going. And we can’t deny they serve over 7,000 students — something Leo’s home-cooked competition never had to do. While Leo’s is and always will be a dining hall on a college campus, as far as dining halls go, it has earned it’s place the menu.

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