The Law Center will launch a new executive education program in June, the university announced today.

The program, which aims to equip members of law firms with leadership and management skills, is the second of its kind to be established at a U.S. law school, according to a university press release.

“The goal of the program is to teach skills that are not traditionally taught in law school,” program director Lisa Rohrer said. “There are a lot of resources for fulfilling legal specific knowledge but there’s less that’s at the academic level that can help them further non-legal specific skills, such as managing teams, leading teams and strategy.”

The program is a joint undertaking of Georgetown Law’s Center for the Study of the Legal Profession and the Office of Academic Conferences and Continuing Legal Education.

It will be led by four faculty members affiliated with the Center for the Study of the Legal Profession: executive director Heather Bock, co-director Mitt Regan, senior fellow James Jones and Rohrer, who is a research fellow.

“I think we have a really unique team that’s delivering this,” Rohrer said. “It’s a … blend of practice, traditional law school, and social science and business school style education that I think will add a lot to our program.”

So far, three courses have been planned for the program, focusing on teaching decision-making and collaborative skills. The first of the three courses will be taught in a two-day program in mid-June.

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