School of Foreign Service Dean Carol Lancaster’s condition has much improved after undergoing surgery on a recently discovered brain tumor Monday. Lancaster had been taken to the Georgetown University Hospital Emergency Room after experiencing a headache caused by internal bleeding which prompted doctors to perform the scheduled operation sooner than expected.
Acting Dean of the SFS James Reardon-Anderson sent an email earlier this evening confirming the surgery and the subsequent improvement in Lancaster’s condition.
“Today (Tuesday), Carol is much improved. While still in the ICU, she is sitting up, alert, and showing signs of a successful recovery,” he wrote. “She has been told of all of the good wishes sent by you and others, and I am sure that this has contributed to her high spirits.”
Last Tuesday President John J. DeGioia informed the university community that Lancaster had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and would be seeking treatment in the coming weeks. DeGioia offered well wishes to her and her and family and encouraged the Georgetown community to do the same. In his email, Reardon-Anderson encouraged the submission of personal cards to the SFS Dean’s Office and advertised a digital card, found at
Lancaster is recovering at Georgetown University Hospital’s intensive care unit, with her son and husband by her side.

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