Compliments to Raja Karthikeya on a well-researched opinion piece (“The Hidden Danger In Kosovo,” THE HOYA, March 14, 2008, A3). I wish to comment solely on two sentences: “True, President Slobodan Milosevic was a despicable despot. It was fair for Europe and the United States to protect the Kosovars.”

Almost always, Milosevic receives the sole credit for being a “despicable despot.” Because of this, two other “despicable despots,” who were so instrumental in the breakup of Yugoslavia, go unscathed. They are Franjo Tudjman and Alija Izetbegovic. I won’t go into detail except to mention that Tudjman was the author of “Wastelands: Historical Truth,” and Izetbegovic was the author of “The Islamic Declaration.” With regard to Tudjman, it should be noted that (in death) he is finally being given more mention, but only as a defense tactic at the current trial of Ante Gotovina in The Hague.

And, regarding mention of “the Kosovars,” this term is almost always used with reference to the majority Albanian population in Kosovo. If they are the designated `Kosovars,’ then that somehow gives the impression that the Serbs and others are interlopers in Kosovo. That couldn’t be further from the truth. And regarding what was considered “fair” in 1999, NATO’s bombing of Serbia certainly was not in the “fair” category. In fact, it was downright illegal.

Liz Milanovich

Edmonton, Canada

arch 15, 2008

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