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Enushe Khan (MSB ’17), Georgetown University Student Association senate speaker and unopposed candidate for GUSA president, will not be on campus this summer if she and Chris Fisk (COL ’17) are elected, as she will be completing a 10-week internship at Goldman Sachs in New York.

The GUSA president and vice president typically stay on campus during the summer to meet with administrators and neighborhood residents about various projects. This summer, the university and neighborhood will engage in negotiations related to the ratification of the 2017-2037 Campus Plan, a 20-year contract between the university and the neighborhood that will dictate future construction projects and neighborhood relations.

According to Khan, Fisk and a seven-person staff would remain on campus to do the work required for GUSA.

“I’ve been getting a firm idea of what would be happening during those 10 weeks and really it’s attending those meetings, meeting those administrators and having that face contact,” Khan said. “Chris will be here all summer. This will be what he will be doing, and he will be working on those issues that need to be advanced, and there are specific policy or issue areas that he himself would like to really initiate.”

Khan said she plans to travel to Washington, D.C., every Saturday, and participate in an hour-long Skype call with Fisk and Alex Bobroske (COL ’17), their campaign manager, every night during the week.

“I have committed myself to at least an hour Skype session each night, whether that be 2 a.m., whether that be 4 a.m., Chris and Alex are both willing to work with me around my schedule on that. … It’s just a matter of making sure we are on the same page and touching base,” Khan said.

Khan said she will attend the monthly Georgetown Community Partnership meeting required for campus planning, and will seek to arrange meetings with administrators and her staff for Saturdays.

However, according to current GUSA President Joe Luther (COL ’16), administrators are often unavailable to meet on weekends.

According to Luther, even with a plan in place, the workload will be difficult for Khan to balance.

“While Healy will not burn down if the President is not in D.C., it is a suboptimal situation. From what I understand of finance internships, it will be extremely difficult for a student to juggle both responsibilities,” Luther wrote in an email to The Hoya. “Considering the long hours and attention required by an internship at Goldman Sachs, the student body will be losing its central advocate and will leave administrators and neighbors unsure of who to call. It is important that the president be on top of issues and critical they be able to respond to matters as they inevitably pop up.”

Luther wrote the Khan-Fisk campaign should put forth two candidates who will be on campus for the summer.

“GUSA’s reputation has for a long time been marred by those who think it is ineffective and filled only with those who seek titles; this situation does not help the matter,” Luther wrote. “I urge their ticket to put forth two candidates who will be on Georgetown’s campus for the summer.”

Khan said Goldman Sachs is aware of her responsibilities at Georgetown, and the company has guaranteed that her Saturdays will be free for GUSA-related duties.

“The thing is, I know what I am getting myself into, so I have some flexibility,” Khan said. “I have two obligations, I just have to make both work, and they are going to have to be understanding of that.”

Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15), the former GUSA president in 2014, said Khan and Fisk should be able to advocate on behalf of students over the summer effectively with adaptation.

“I think Enushe will be the first to say to you that it would be more ideal to have the president on campus, but at the same time I think anything is possible,” Tezel said. “It will and would require many more hours and quite a lot of work on her behalf and on Chris’ behalf in order to do it effectively, so that what is lost in not having the president on campus doesn’t affect GUSA.”


Correction: A version of this article, and as it appears in print, mistakenly attributed the quote beginning “GUSA’s reputation has for a long time been marred…” to Connor Rohan. This was actually written in an email from GUSA President Joe Luther. This online version has been updated. We sincerely apologize for this mistake.

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  1. Concerned Hoya says:

    What a disgusting hit piece. Enushe and Chris are probably the two individuals on this campus who care most about Georgetown, and their leadership for this school would be amazing and incredibly beneficial for our school. We should have full confidence in their abilities, and understand that not everything is in black and white. The Hoya must be taking itself too seriously if it thinks that a GUSA President can not look out for his or her personal future. Being GUSA leadership means doing your best to represent students and lead, but it does not mean being chained down to do whatever a silly news publication thinks it should do, or what predecessors want.

  2. Concerned SFS says:

    Sorry, but dropping in on weekends and having daily skype sessions isn’t going to cut it. The stakes for the campus plan are way too high. Look at the consequences of the last campus plan and imagine that stretched out over the next 20 years. The purpose of GUSA is to advocate for the students. Don’t run if you’re not planning to take part in the single most crucial piece of pro-student advocacy.

  3. Shots. Fired.

  4. i’ve met enushe a couple of times at focus groups and i feel bad that she’s being subject to unnecessary media attention, esp since she seems to really care about the school. why aren’t we talking about how racist Jeff Naft’s FB campaign page was?

    • How is it racist? Or is it just racist because people aren’t blindly supporting Enushe? I guess that makes it sexist too?

      You know, you’re the reason why real victims of racism and sexism are often ignored. Nobody believes them because of it’s used as an excuse every time some disagrees with a woman or a minority. It also causes people to not want to hire these groups because they know that this is a card they’ll play whenever something happens that doesn’t go their way.

      • I’m not referring to any racism towards Enushe…. I’m talking about Naft’s reference to “purple house” and a purple studies major where he was literally mocking black students. Read the page. i just mean that the Hoya should focus on real issues with this campaign season, as opposed to a dumb internship.

    • Naft is no longer running, so his campaign isn’t really relevant anymore. Enushe and Chris still are (and almost certainly will win the election).

  5. TBH considering last year’s election, it looks like the hoya is pretty low on drama this year so they’re making a big deal out of someone taking an internship. so she’s good at more than one thing, big deal.seems like there’s some jealousy up in here. this looks like cheap journalism to me. what a cheap article and a cheap news publication. do better georgetown.

  6. Also concerned SFS says:

    As a fellow a capella singer/friend of enushe, i can confirm enushe quit the phantoms to focus on gusa and put her entire time into making this school better. there’s nothing she loves more on campus than singing with the phantoms, that’s her family. yet no one seems to be talking about that. what a disgusting article.

  7. Concerned MSB says:

    This is a revolting piece. Enushe deserves better, and The Hoya should hold itself to a higher standard of journalistic integrity and ethics. Perhaps you don’t know why she’s considering the job; in fact, it’s the only way that she will be able to stay in America after graduation. Most banks don’t consider non-citizens without H1B visas for full time employment if they don’t have a prior internship. This extraordinary woman has dedicated all of her time at GU to the betterment of this institution; I believe in her ability to do both of these jobs. There are special people like Elon Musk who can do multiple demanding full time jobs; Enushe is one of those special people.

  8. Concerned Senior says:

    The idea that she’s actually going to work 90 hours a week from Monday-Friday and then go home after work late Friday night, prepare for the next day’s meetings, get up very early to take a 4 hour train to DC, meet with administrators, and immediately get back on another 4 hour train so she can be at work at 9 AM (or earlier, since Goldman reserves the right to have you in the office at 7 AM) is ridiculous. Maybe she’s a robot who truly doesn’t need sleep for 10 weeks straight, but I don’t think it’s possible to manage that and do a good job at both things.

    And anyway, what administrators want to meet exclusively on Saturday afternoons? The earliest she could realistically be here is noon on Saturday, and if she wants to be in bed by 10 PM in NY she’d have to leave here by about 4 PM. Can any one participant in these meetings seriously restrict the schedule *that* much?

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